Dutch.org.uk is a listing of Dutch Societies, Clubs, Associations, Schools etcetera in the United Kingdom (UK) – England and Scotland (we have no information from Wales as yet); plus links to entities of interest to Dutch nationals in the UK.

Dutch Organisations in London,

Dutch Organisations in the Home Counties,

Dutch Organisations elsewhere in the UK,

Dutch Schools in the UK, and finally,

Organisations of interest mainly to Dutch nationals

If you intend to learn Dutch, or look for information about other things Dutch in the UK, like shops, then please surf to: www.anglo-dutch.org.uk.

Other websites with similar listings are:

www.thehollandring.com  started in 1997, provides information to get in touch with Dutch groups and clubs world-wide. No new entries accepted.
www.NBCC.co.uk , the Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce, is an active Chamber which brings together businesses with Dutch and Anglo backgrounds.


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  1. Please will be possible if you can recommend a very big Dutch Social Club for me to join in London for a start?

    1. Dear Emmanuel, Would suggest you get in touch with either the Vereniging Neerlandia or the Anglo-Netherlands Society, Best.

  2. Dutch language teacher needed in York


    My name is Maria Emilia and I am writing on behalf of Language Trainers.

    Language Trainers is a successful language training company working with freelance teachers of 35 different languages in over 50 cities across UK. Students are either in-company or self-funded who need to learn a language at their office or their home for work, family or travel reasons. Founded in 2004, the company’s motto is Any Language, Anytime, Anywhere!

    We are currently looking for a Dutch language trainer for one of our clients in York

    Language Required: Dutch
    Location: York
    Length of Course: 24 hours
    Number of Students: 1 adult
    Preferred Start Date: as soon as possible
    Preferred Schedule: Once a week – 2-hour lessons. Monday or Tuesday
    Location of the classes and schedule could be re arranged. The salary is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience.

    In order to be eligible, you should have a high written and spoken level of the language you teach and/or have a language degree and at least two years experience in teaching. You will also be required a visa/working permit if you are not a citizen of the country where we are currently searching. Candidates who do not match these criteria will not be considered in the recruitment process. The company offers free lance-part time positions, and can not sponsor your visa.

    Please let me know if you are interested in/available for this part-time teaching position. If this is the case, please send your resume to emilia@languagetrainers.com

    If you are not available for this position we would really appreciate if you pass this information to your friends or colleagues who could be interested in the vacancy.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    María Emilia Pérez Ibarreche
    Teacher Recruitment Assistant

  3. Hello,
    my name is Alex, I am living and working in London . My fiance is Dutch so I am looking for good tutor to start my lessons as we are planning to move back to Amsterdam within 2 years. Can you advise or help me find one ( preferably central or east London)


    1. Dear Alex, good question, hard to find the answer. First, in the Netherlands English has become a de-facto second language to many, so if you can make yourself understood in the UK then you should manage in the Netherlands. But it helps to at least understand the language, and preferably be able to speak it. Some university departments with a large foreign intake will organise a three or six week introductory course before the start of the Academic year : the “Delftse Methode” (Technische Universiteit Delft, http://www.tud.nl) gained fame, there also was an initiative at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Looking further, on http://www.anglo-dutch.org.uk you’ll find a number of schools where Dutch is taught to people from Dutch families : this may not seem what you need, but contacting the person given as a contact can get you in touch with someone able and willing to teach Dutch. Duolingo -if I picked that up correctly- is a smartphone app which aims to get you to first understand, then speak, the language; I have not used it myself. Hope this helps you on your way!

  4. Hi there,

    Our school is listed on your schools page (thank you!). However, our details are outdated. How can I send you the latest/correct information? I can’t find a contact on this website unfortunately.

    De 7 Eiken School

    1. Dear ‘informatie’,

      Thank you for being in touch. Had a look at the domain where your mail is based, found a raffle pop-up and some links. Have now updated the information to what is listed on the site 7eiken.co.uk, which is linked to from the stichting NOB site.

      Contact details on a website quickly attract unwanted stuff in droves, hence you’re asked to enter a comment – as you did. Those comments are read, and either acted on or discarded as seems appropriate.

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