Dutch.org.uk is a listing of Dutch Societies, Clubs, Associations, Schools etcetera in the United Kingdom (UK) – England and Scotland (we have no information from Wales as yet); plus links to entities of interest to Dutch nationals in the UK.

Dutch Organisations in London,

Dutch Organisations in the Home Counties,

Dutch Organisations elsewhere in the UK,

Dutch Schools in the UK, and finally,

Organisations of interest mainly to Dutch nationals

If you intend to learn Dutch, or look for information about other things Dutch in the UK, like shops, then please surf to: www.anglo-dutch.org.uk.

Other websites with similar listings are:

www.thehollandring.com  started in 1997, provides information to get in touch with Dutch groups and clubs world-wide. No new entries accepted.
www.NBCC.co.uk , the Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce, is an active Chamber which brings together businesses with Dutch and Anglo backgrounds.


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  1. Please will be possible if you can recommend a very big Dutch Social Club for me to join in London for a start?

    1. Dear Emmanuel, Would suggest you get in touch with either the Vereniging Neerlandia or the Anglo-Netherlands Society, Best.

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