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Dutch Associations, Clubs and Societies in London : roughly “inside the M25”

Anglo-Netherlands Society

Office open most Wednesdays from 10.30 – 14.30  W: www.anglo-netherlands.org.uk T: 020 7767 6959 P: P.O.box 68, London EC4P 4BQ
updated 2013-09-14

Dutch Centre

The objects of the Dutch Centre are:
1. to advance and promote Dutch culture and heritage in particular, but not limited to, the provision of a Dutch cultural centre in London; and
2. to maintain the Dutch Church at Austin Friars as a monument, a cultural and spiritual centre and a place of worship. T: 020 7588 1684 P: 7, Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA
updated 2013-11-06 based on http://www.dutchcentre.com/about-us/history/.

Dutch Church

Since King Edward VI granted the Dutch a Royal Charter to worship according to their own @@@: www.dutchchurch.org.uk T: 020 7588 1684 P: 7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA
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Dutch Club London

Nederlandsche Vereeniging in Londen we do not have current details for this club, which used to be at The Royal Thames Yacht Club until approximately 2005.

Nederlandse City Lunch

Dutch language introduction on a topic of interest, about eight times a year. Requires an excellent understanding of the Dutch language! Social Hall of the Dutch Centre / Dutch Church, 7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA T: 020 7588 1684 nedcitylunch@dutchchurch.org.uk and www.NedCityLunch.org
updated 2013-10-28

Nederlandse Kerk

see : Dutch Church and Dutch Centre


Vereniging Neerlandia organises typically Dutch events and visits in the London area. Their main domain is : www.neerlandia.org, while www.neerlandia.org redirects to the .org domain. E-mail : secretaris@neerlandia.org.uk and voorzitter@neerlandia.org .
updated 2013-11-06 from website.


is a regular Dutch Abroad drinks get-together, usually on the first Friday of the month, but please check the Facebook group.
www.nlborrels.com and http://www.nlborrels.com/forum/23/London-UK
updated 2013-11-06

Netherlands Embassy

38 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5DP  T: 020 7590 3200 www.netherlands-embassy.org.uk Closed on both Dutch and British holidays.

Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce

Nederlands-Britse Kamer van Koophandel info@nbcc.co.uk  www.nbcc.co.uk T: 020 7539 7960 P: ‘Imperial House’ 7th floor, 15-19 Kingsway, London WC2B 6UN.

Orde van den Prince

Promotes the unity of the Dutch language and culture in a framework of friendship and tolerance – “Amicitia et Tolerantia”. It stimulates cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands. Meetings are held every other month in central London.
For enquiries please contact Wim Blancke (wimblancke ‘at’ doctors.org.uk), Brit Beckers (britbeckers ‘at’ yahoo.co.uk), or Bruno Stalmans (brunostalmans ‘at’ gmail.com)
updated 2015-09-24, based on an email from Brit Beckers

Pub De Hems

Informal meetings every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 18.00 on, 11 Macclesfield Street, London W1V 7LS T: 020 7437 2494.


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5 thoughts on “Dutch in London

  1. Hello there, I would very much like A.R.T Foods to feature on the above list if possible as we are a Dutch Family Selling Dutch Products in the UK. Bitterballen, Krokette, Frikandellen, KipKorn and Bami Toppers are just some of the yummy things on offer. Would really love to hear back on this,
    Kind Regards Annelies van Mourik

  2. Could you please amend the contact details of the Orde van den Prince?

    Promotes the unity of the Dutch language and culture in a framework of friendship and tolerance – “Amicitia et Tolerantia”. It stimulates cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands.
    Meetings are held every other month in central London. For enquiries please contact Wim Blancke, Brit Beckers, or Bruno Stalmans.


  3. Dutch Club London, some former details. I worked there in 1973 as host when it was still at Sackville Street, next to Picadilly Circus. A real club for self proclaimed gentlemen, businessmen who frequented between London and Amsterdam. Leather upholstery, newspapers, breakfast and a quick evening bite, cigars.
    In 1973 the 100-year lease ended which forced the Dutch Club out, because the rent went up 3000%. It then supposedly moved to the outskirts and The Royal Thames Yacht Club could be one of these. In 2014 I did find some trace but not since 2015.

  4. Ik ben op zoek voor een reünie van de 6 klas van de lagere school in Rotterdam Kralingen naar Hanneke van Ommeren. Ze is met haar familie in 1964(1965 geëmigreerd naar Engeland. Hebben jullie gegevens van haar. Ze is nu 63.

  5. Dutch focus at StAnza 2018: 7 – 11 March

    I hope you will be interested to know that we plan to have a substantial Dutch focus at our festival next March. StAnza is Scotland’s International Poetry Festival which takes place each spring in the historic city of St Andrews. Next year will be our 21st annual festival. We are well established as a leading European poetry event, with more than 100 events each year, and audience attendances in excess of 16,000. We regularly attract audiences from across the UK and beyond.

    We have had Dutch poets and artists taking part at the festival many times in the past, however our intention for next year is to go much further and make the three Dutch languages and cultures (Dutch, Frisian and Flemish) a focus for our festival under the working title of “Going Dutch”.

    I have already invited six poets to come and read, including the Dutch Poet Laureate, and I am in touch with various other people in the Netherlands and Belgium with a view to present exhibitions of graphic poetry, Dutch poetry films, a documentary film about a Frisian poet, two Dutch sound installations and I hope several other installations or exhibitions, and that we will also have talks about Dutch poetry and culture and a translation workshop. We hope that the exhibition will raise the profile of Dutch poets, film makers, etc. and of the Dutch languages and culture more generally.

    We will launch our core programme online on our website on 30th November, with a filter to identify events connection to our “Going Dutch” focus, and will add to it up until the festival. Do let me know if I can give you any further information.

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