Further Afield

Dutch Associations, Clubs and Societies ‘Further Afield’ i.e. elsewhere in the UK

Dutch Club Aberdeen

Nederlandse Vereniging Aberdeen www.nvaberdeen.com
viewed 2013-08-20

ALCS the Association of Low Countries Studies

aims to promote the study and knowledge of Dutch in the UK in the broadest sense.  http://alcs.group.shef.ac.uk/
updated links 2013-11-06, initial entry based on information provided by Prof. Salverda

‘The Bath – Alkmaar Twinning Association’

aims to be a ‘focal point’ for Nederlanders in and around Bath. They are apparently the oldest ‘twinning association’ in Europa, dating from final years of the Second World War.   www.bath-alkmaar.eu for details, added 1 dec 2015, based on message from Victor Windt.

Dundee Dutch Korfball Club

existence of this club was mentioned by Erwin Oosterhoorn in an e-mail dated 16 jun 2012

Dutch in Avon

viewed 2013-08-20

Dutch Club Chester

Nederlandse vereniging Chester : the website was hosted at Geocities, which was discontinued as a service; the e-mail address  nederlandseclubchester@hotmail.com was found on the internet.

Dutch Club Norfolk

Mary Roscoe, ‘The Wilderness’, 62A Grove Lane, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6ED T: 01263 713 465
initial entry based on paper list ca. 2002

East Riding Anglo-Dutch Association

Mrs H. Figge, West Stockwith DN10 4HB T: 01427 890 354
initial entry based on paper list ca. 2002

Nederlanders in Noord-Ierland

updated 2012-11-17 after Google search

Somali-Dutch Association / Community in Leicester

T:0116 262 4457 Mr A Hassan, 15 Russell Square, Leicester LE1 2NL
initial entry based on Prof. Salverda’s information

Social Group Glasgow

E: cloggie_2000@yahoo.co.uk
entry based on e-mail received long ago

Southampton Anglo-Dutch Association

A group open to Dutch nationals and ‘interested parties’. The aim of the Association is to develop friendship between Dutch nationals and other interested parties residing in the Southampton area but above all to keep in touch with the Dutch language and its people for those who may wish to.  W: www.anglo-dutch.net/southampton

Wolverhampton Anglo-Netherlands Society

no recent search results found on “Wolverhampton Anglo-Netherlands”
updated 14 sep 2014, initial entry based on paper list


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3 thoughts on “Further Afield

  1. Message in a bottle:
    We’re relocating from Rotterdam to Lincoln. We are not Dutch but our daughter, 7, who went to school in The Netherlands speaks Dutch fluently. We hope to find a Dutch or partly Dutch family/families with children of similar age. Dutch was a part of our daughter’s early life, she was born in The Netherlands, Holland was her home until now and we’d like to keep her Dutch language alive through social interaction with other Dutch children. Kind regards, Vera

  2. Hello,

    Our daughter is a pupil in Y11 at Millfield school in Street, Somerset.
    She would like to take a GCSE in Dutch in May/June 2017.
    The school does not have someone to conduct the oral part of the exam.
    I’m wondering if there anyone, or you know of somebody, in the area who is qualified to do this?
    I would love to hear from you.

    Vriendelijke groet,
    Renske Graham

  3. Historical Dutch connections with Lancashire. Anyone have any good explanations/book recommendations about Dutch influence in this county? There are a few Dutch surnames about, there’s the long shared use of clogs (my English grandparents and great grandparents wore them), there’s the conspicuous good house-wifery: donkey-stoning street steps as well as some shared local vocabulary.

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