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Dutch Associations, Clubs, and Societies up to 50 miles from Hyde Park corner

Cambridge Anglo-Dutch Society

Their well laid-out site at WordPress is more eloquent, so that’s where you’ll be referred
viewed 2022-11-07

Dutch Circle Milton Keynes

Very much alive, have already published their 2014 activities:
updated 2013-11-06, based on viewing website

Dutch Surrey Committee

Dutch Women of Surrey Regular meetings, social, sports and cultural events, and ‘nieuwkomers wegwijs maken’ are key words for this 100-strong group.
www.dutchwomenofsurrey.co.uk E: tschopp ‘at’ btopenworld.com T: 01932 340 126
pupdated 2010-08-05 and 2014-08-31

Nederlands Comité Surrey

heeft tot doel twee typisch Nederlandse evenementen te laten plaatsvinden: Koningsdag en Intocht Sinterklaas.  www.nederlandscomitesurrey.co.uk and
various other Sinterklaas pages, linked to from what appears an eldery version of the website at sites.google.com:  http://sinterklaasjournaal.ntr.nl/#/home
http://www.sinterklaasgedichten.com/    http://www.lootjestrekken.nl/sinterklaas/lootjes
updated 2015-07-13 : kookjij.nl page no longer available

Nomads Korfball Club

Founded in 1972, Nomads uses facilities at Cheam and Epsom.
www.nomadskorfball.com/ and
https://www.facebook.com/nomadskorf .
Other Korfbal clubs in the UK can be contacted via


viewed 2022-11-05


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